Ruvio PRO Cordless Hand Vacuum 17” Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Car Use, Rechargeable Small Vacuum with Double HEPA Filtration System, High Power Motor Hand Vacuum Cleaner As Seen On TV

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Ruvio PRO Cordless Hand Vacuum 17” Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Car Use, Rechargeable Small Vacuum with Double HEPA Filtration System, High Power Motor Hand Vacuum Cleaner As Seen On TV

  • SUPER STRONG VACUUM – Ultra powerful built-in motor vacuums anything from dust on wooden surfaces to lint or animal hair adhering to upholstery
  • MULTI-SURFACE, FOR HOME AND CAR USE – Ruvio Pro Hand Held Vacuum comes with multiple detachable nozzle attachments each designed for different surfaces around your home or for automobile use as a mini vacuum or car vaccum from vacuuming dust to upholstered furniture, Ruvio Pro has you covered
  • RECHARGEABLE CORDLESS HANDHELD VACUUM: Ruvio PRO is cordless and fully-rechargeable hand vacuum. The Charging station doubles as a storage dock in your home use and a portable car charger comes included as well so charging your Ruvio will never be a hassle wherever, whenever. 2,500 mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery has 15-20 minute run time; 2.5 hours charging time. Once fully charged, indicator light will stop flashing
  • 2 STAGE HEPA FILTRATION SYSTEM: As you vacuum along, bigger particles are stored inside the dust container for later disposal, while 99.8% of all smaller particles or allergens like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and smoke are pushed further down towards the replaceable filter so they don’t get released back into the air
  • EASY TO USE: Ruvio Pro Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner is super easy to use. Simply click the Power button to start vacuuming
  • REACH NARROW SPACES: This mini vacuum cleaner comes with 2 crevice nozzles; longer crevice nozzle (24” long) ensures vacuum access even into the narrow spaces like areas behind cabinets/drawers, or the space between walls and your bed’s headboard
  • HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE: Vacuums and stores debris inside built-in dust container. Click Quick Release Button to open dust container and empty accumulated waste into trash bin. Readily available HEPA filter can be easily removed and replaced every 6 months
  • COMFORTABLE TO HOLD and ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: Weighing in at just 1 pound and 2 ounces, the new Ruvio Hand vac is lightweight enough even kids will have no trouble with it. Ergonomic design and easy-grip handle allows for easy device manipulation or positioning to maximize cleaning, unlike some of the more cumbersome handheld vacuums in the market today
  • INCLUDED: 1 Ruvio PRO small portable vacuum unit, 4.5 Watts charging dock station, 12 volt car charger, 24” crevice nozzle, 6” Crevice nozzle, Brush nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle, user Manual
  • DIMENSIONS: Ruvio Pro unit measures 17” long and weighs 1.2 lbs making it the ultimate cordless portable vacuum

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Cordless Vacuum Guide

The small size and lightweight designs of portable cordless vacuum cleaners permit you to definitely clean practically anywhere. The technology that is cordless allowed you inconceivable mobility with regards to your vacuuming. With small cordless vacuum cleaners, it is possible to bring the unit and clean your carpets then afterward vacuum the room, the kitchen flooring, bring it to the basement, up the loft and even vacuum on the roof.

Also, without the chord that is troublesome its a lot safer now to vacuum for a ladder or a scaffold. Likewise, you are able to achieve out-of-the-way areas that had been not possible before with cordless models.

Some still look for larger cleaners that have more power but offer the same convenience of handheld ones although the portable ones have already powerful suction capabilities. This is possibly the explanation why manufactures created the larger upright cordless vacuum cleaners, which are almost such as the full-sized vacuum cleaners but are rechargeable and more lightweight.

These upright cordless cleaner cleansers will help you to clean from room to room without worrying of running out of cord. As these are upright, they are more suitable to be utilized on floors than the smaller handheld ones.

Often, these units also come with various expansion pipes and attachments similar to regular vacuum cleaners. It absolutely was Hitachi Ltd. that first released a large vacuum that is cordless with tires sometime within the very early 2000s, this in line with The Nikkei Weekly. The earlier Hitachi version of large cordless vacuum cleaners had a total of 25 moments run time after the internal batteries were charged for six hours. Today some large vacuum that is cordless can continuously clean for 60 minutes after 2 hours of charging.

Cordless upright vacuum cleaners allow a variety of movement that enables you clean all the aspects of your home without searching for an outlet that is electrical. Though they require charging you, the flexibility offered by cordless upright vacuum cleaners means they are a favorite vacuum choice.

Aside from all of these two kinds, there are always a few mini vacuum cleansers that run on regular batteries. These kinds are usually small enough to get into very gaps that are small the spaces between your pc tips. There are even models that may power up by plugging them into a computer's USB slot.

Other useful and money saving features of most cordless vacuums are bagless operations, capable of reversing air direction and wet/dry capabilities.

But, offered the diversity of models, sizes, power and designs, it's always best to choose the type and model that fit your needs that are specific.

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