Dibea KB-9008 Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • Lithium battery- the battery installed in Dibea cordless upright vacuum cleaner is of high quality and it supports convenient as well as quick vacuuming of the surface.
  • Washable dirt cup- its dirt cup is removable as well as washable. The capacity of its dirt cup is 400 ml that is sufficient enough.
  • HEPA filtration- another important feature of the Bidea vacuum KB-9008 is that it comes with HEPA filtration. Hence it removes allergens together with dust from the floor and other types of surfaces where you use this model.
  • Roller brush- there is a high-quality roller brush installed in this model. It is good enough to remove all the hair and dirt particles.
  • Lightweight- without any effort, you can vacuum your rooms using this device because it is very light in weight.
  • Pros:

  • I have already mentioned that this model is really light and that’s why it is portable. This cordless upright vacuum cleaner can work to clean the car as well.

  • Its HEPA filtration technology is good to capture allergens from the air and from the surface. In this way, Dibea cordless vacuum cleaner supports a healthy atmosphere at your home where you and your kids can move freely.
  • It picks up even the small and unseen hair from the rugs and floors. You know that pet hair can cause various health issues if left unattended and so you can rely on this vacuum cleaner confidently.
  • The company has set a reasonable price for this model to make it affordable for everyone.

  • When you have a look at the features of Dibea cordless upright vacuum only, you find that it is the best but when you compare it with other models, you may find some drawbacks.
  • According to some of the users, it is not powerful enough to carry all the hair and dirt but actually, it leaves some mess unattended.

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