Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Shark Rotator powered lift-away truepet vacuum Bordeux (NV752)

Shark Rotator powered lift-away truepet vacuum Bordeux (NV752)

Do not wait anymore to explore amazing features of Shark rotator powered lift-away! Its features are simply awesome and induce you to consider this product as the best vacuum for dog hair.

Shark Original Lift-away- The original quality of lift away has been equipped with this product. It is great even to clean hard to reach areas as well. It maintains power for a long time so as to keep the brushroll of this shark rotator moving to clean more surfaces.
Anti-allergen complete seal technology- You will also find anti-allergen complete seal technology along with HEPA filter. These are the latest technologies and fresh vacuum cleaner models of different companies usually have this technology built-in. It traps more than 99% allergens from the surface thus supporting a healthy environment.
Fingertip control- It’s not a big deal to use this cleaner as you can simply control it with one finger. You can either power it on or off with the press of one button. In addition, you can switch between carpet mode and hard floor mode easily.
Hard floor hero- Do you want to pick up 100% debris from the floor? Do you want to remove stuck-on debris as well? Hard floor hero of this shark rotator really serves the great purpose then.

If you have a pet dog at home then this vacuum is a must-have item because your dog will shed off his hair all over the surface that you will be unable to detect. No worries even! This vacuum will use its power to trap all the dog hair!


Want to know about the pros or the benefits of this shark rotator! Want to know why you should prefer this model! Want to know why it is one of the best vacuums for dog hair? Well, here are the important points in this regard:

  • It tangles more as compared to many other models and it is the basic requirement for a vacuum.
  • The appearance of this model is really nice and in fact, the color scheme is simply perfect.
  • The brush pattern on the power head is really good to make the carpets fluffy and clean.
  • The mini motorized brush tool is a feature that makes this model different from many others. It provides great cleaning power for cleaning upholstery and some other harder to reach areas.


Unfortunately, some cons have also been observed in this shark rotator. Let’s have a look at these cons one by one:

  • The lift away hose of this shark rotator is literally too short and you may feel difficulty in using it.
  • The weight of this vacuum is heavier as compared to some other vacuums with almost similar features and functions.
  • The stick is extremely tall and it becomes difficult to adjust it properly.
  • Another drawback that the users of this model highlighted is that its canister is harder to clean comparatively.

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