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Shark Rocket truepet upright, corded vacuum, Bordeaux HV322

Shark Rocket truepet upright, corded vacuum, Bordeaux HV322

Shark Rocket truepet upright, corded vacuum, Bordeaux HV322

What an amazing and latest model that Shark has recently added to its vacuum cleaners collection! Although it is the latest device it has hundreds of users.

You must come to know what makes this model so important. Well, there are some features of this device that are really unique while other features have also been improved. Let’s go through its important features one by one:

Ultra-light weight- The manufacturer has made this model ultra-light-weight to make it convenient to use. The total weight of this vacuum cleaning device is 9 pounds and don’t you think that it is too less! Whether you want to clean the floors or you want to remove dust and dirt from the ceiling, this model is great because of being ultra-light-weight.
Hard Floor hero- It has hard floor hero that is really useful for cleaning stuck-on debris. Hard floor hero is good for thorough and superior cleaning of the floor.
Pet multi-tool- a perfect pet multi-tool has also been added to this product and this tool is good for many purposes. Off course, you cannot reach the area under furniture easily but with this tool, you can remove dog hair and dirt from those areas as well. In addition, this tool has the ability to go high enough and to clean the ceiling.
Powerful LED lights- there are powerful LED lights on these handheld vacuums that are good enough to detect hidden debris. No dirt or hair will be left on the floor and carpets now!
Advanced swivel steering- the swivel steering installed in this vacuum cleaning device is really advanced and it supports excellent control to move around furniture and other items.


Why not to have a look at the pros of shark rocket trumpet ultra as well! Here are the main benefits of this model:

  • I have already mentioned that this vacuum cleaner is extremely lightweight and that’s why it supports thorough cleaning of not the only floor but also the ceiling.
  • Its LED lights really add value to this model. Through those lights, it can spot hidden dirt and they can capture it. It means that this vacuum cleaning device supports thorough cleaning of the floors together with carpets.
  • You must prefer to buy this device if you have been looking for an economical one. If you have the low budget and have been looking for a good cleaner then I would personally suggest you go with this option.
  • Swivel steering of this shark vacuum cleaner is really advanced and can move easily all around the surface.


Along with the pros, there are some cons or the drawbacks that you may notice when you will use it. That’s why I am going to highlight these cons here to inform you beforehand:

  • When you stand, air may be vented out and this is a big drawback.
  • It is not as much effective as are the other latest models of Shark but you can compromise with it because of its less price.
  • You will find that it doesn’t have a lot of power. It may leave some hair on the rugs or carpets.

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