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Shark Navigator Cordless Vacuum, SV1106

Shark Navigator Cordless Vacuum, SV1106

Shark Navigator Cordless Vacuum, SV1106

Rechargeable cordless convenience- Gone is the days when people had to rely on corded vacuums that were difficult to carry. It is a rechargeable cordless model and therefore, it is easy to use. You can pick up all the teeny tiny pet hair from the floor and even you can pick up other dry mess like dirt. The battery takes 4 hours to get fully charged and it stays for almost 8 hours. Therefore, you can clean your home without any hassle.

XL-Capacity- the dust cup capacity is extra-large and therefore, it is convenient to use. You can keep on using this vacuum for a long time because of one side, its battery will not get down and on the other side, and its dust cup will not get full. In fact, its dust cup is really easy to empty. In simple words, you can enjoy extended cleaning without any interruption.
Powerful and lightweight- The total weight of this cordless vacuum is 7.5 lbs. that is too less. The lightweight of this model makes it convenient to use. However, don’t compare its small size with its functioning because when it comes to the performance of this model, it is really powerful.
2-speed brushroll- The brushroll of this Shark Navigator moves with double speed thus optimizing the cleaning of carpets and bare floors.

Don’t you think that these features are enough to order this model! What else you can expect from a model that is even reasonable and affordable!


You would now be feeling anxious to explore the pros of this shark navigator. Here, I am going to discuss the pros of this model one by one:

  • This vacuum cleaner is superb to clean the area on the stairs and also upholstery.
  • You will have noticed that there are many vacuums that clean the plain surfaces but they may leave dirt and dust in the corners and edges. Anyways, you will not find this drawback in this model.
  • Its construction is really simple and that makes this model simple and convenient to use. Not only experts can use it but even it is great for the beginners.
  • After all, it is a product of Shark that is a professional and trustworthy brand for manufacturing vacuum cleaners.


You might be having a doubt in your mind whether this model has some cons as well or not! Well, when we discuss this shark navigator, we have come to read hundreds of customer’s reviews but we could not find any major drawback in it. There isn’t any drawback in the construction of this model and even there isn’t any problem in its functioning. Anyways, we have not personally tested this model so we cannot claim with surety that it does not have any side effect. Different people have different experiences and so it depends on your own experience. However, it is a great option when you are looking for a vacuum cleaner.

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