Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Eureka Easy clean handheld vacuum cleaner, 71B

Eureka Easy clean handheld vacuum cleaner, 71B

Eureka Easy clean handheld vacuum cleaner, 71B

You will be thinking why to look for this model if there are many other vacuum cleaners provided by some well-reputed brands! Well, when it comes to Eureka, you come to know that it is something that creates a big difference in terms of its designing and so you will like the design of this handheld vacuum cleaner.

Do you want to know why this model is the best vacuum for dog hair! It is the best because of the following reasons:
Motorized brush- It has motorized brush that works to thoroughly clean carpets and floors. In addition, you can use this brush conveniently because there is on/off switch on it.
Two motors- most of the vacuum cleaners come with one motor but Eureka has introduced this model with two motors. One motor is useful to use the brush and another one is useful ensure proper cleaning.
Portable- the device is portable as it is light in weight. Whether you want to clean your rooms or garage or even car, this device is equally efficient.


This device is light in weight and that’s why it is simple to carry anywhere.

  • Its price is really reasonable. Eureka has made a big difference in terms of the price as compared to the vacuum cleaners of other brands just to attract the customers.
  • It has two motors and so you can expect the long life of this vacuum cleaner.
  • Its motorized brush is simple to use because of on/off button.


We have talked about the pros of Eureka vacuum cleaner 71B but now we should go through its cons as well:

  • Again, Eureka is no a commonly known brand and people have set a general image in their mind that BISELL, Shark and some other well-reputed models are good enough.
  • Its power cord is difficult to store. There are actually four different options for cord management but still, it is difficult to manage.
  • The users have even complained that its hose suction is weak.

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