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Dyson Ball DC25 Animal Vacuum Reviews And Buying Guide

Dyson Ball DC25

Dyson Ball DC25 Animal Vacuum Reviews And Buying Guide

The Dyson Ball DC25 Animal Vacuum cleaner is one of latest Dyson vacuums on the market. With its sleek look, “roller-ball steering” and phenomenal performance it is sure to please. But the Dyson DC25  isn’t just eye candy, the accessories make this Dyson the Cadillac of vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Ball DC25 Animal

Dyson Ball DC25 Animal


At nearly five-hundred dollars you might be hesitant to buy one in this economy, but the Dyson is worth every penny. It’s a  vacuum cleaner that you can count on for many years to come, always giving you superior cleaning performance..

The Many Features of the Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC25 is ready to tackle multiple floor surfaces from carpet to tile to wood and more. It is bagless and is easy to clean when the canister is full. It also features a “Quickdraw” telescope release for hard to reach places like the ceiling and tight corners. The motorized brushes can be switched off when cleaning more delicate surfaces such as your hardwood floors and delicate rugs. The lifetime HEPA washable filter traps most allergens and dust mites and is easy cleaning at home to provide you with even more value.

 More Benefits Found with the Dyson DC25

The Dyson DC25 features Root Cyclone technology, a brand-specific technology that ensures it does not lose suction as you clean. Some of the less worthy vacuum cleaners can’t even begin to come close to matching this feature. Dyson is ready for any challenge, you can easily vacuum carpets clean, remove pesky dust and spider webs from the ceilings and corners using the included attachments and clean steps and staircases with ease.

This vacuum is asthma friendly and helps keep your home cleaner and less likely to trigger asthma attacks or release allergens such as dust mites and pet hair. For those who suffer with allergies, asthma and the like, adding the DC25 could be a life-changing purchase.

Get an Amazing Five Years with the Dyson Guarantee

Dyson Ball DC25 Animal

Dyson Ball DC25 Animal

Parts and labor are guaranteed by Dyson for 5 years, meanwhile, cheaper vacuums only offer 6-months to a year on their vacuums, but Dyson is sure their products will go the distance and easily last many more years with proper care and maintenance. Although the initial cost of the purchase may be more, as you can see such a warranty makes it well worth it in the long run.

The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Simply makes Life Easier

The Dyson offers so many features that simply make life easier, starting with the easy to empty bin that allows you to empty it without touching the contents inside. Just press the button to empty and you are ready to go again! Made of a clear plastic bin, your progress can easily be viewed and you can quickly tell when it is time to empty again.

Other features include fingertip controls, a design that makes it easy to use for anyone, even those with large hands. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to use. It weighs a mere 16 pounds! That’s amazing for a vacuum that does so much!

Users of the Dyson will enjoy the accessory tools included with the cleaner. These accessories make it simple to clean those hard to clean areas, ensuring a beautiful, clean home.

So before you purchase your next vacuum cleaner consider the quality and long-lasting performance of a Dyson vacuum, but not just any Dyson on the market. The DC25 by Dyson is the one vacuum cleaner that lasts as long as you while doing so much more than all of the other cleaners combined. There is no other vacuum cleaner on the market that does this much.

You not only will be purchasing perhaps one of the best cleaning tools on the market, but you will also be purchasing the peace of mind that your machine will be guaranteed for five years and you will never have to purchase any bags or filters. So step up to a cleaner carpet and home with a Dyson DC25 and change the way you clean your home forever.

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