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Dirt Devil Razor Bagless upright vacuum UD70355B

Dirt Devil Razor Bagless upright vacuum UD70355B

Dirt Devil Razor Bagless upright vacuum UD70355B

It is another great vacuum cleaner that is super advanced and that support thorough cleaning of the surfaces. If you have been looking for a convenient and affordable vacuum cleaner for your carpets, hard floors and tile floors then you must consider this one.

The features of this razor Bagless upright vacuum will demonstrate why I have considered this model as the best one. Here are the important features of this model:

No loss of suction- The particles that it sucks stay inside it and do not leak up. We have observed that in case of some models, the dust particles are blown down back on the surface sometimes but the construction of this upright vacuum is simply awesome and it does not allow the loss of suction.
2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool- this 2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool are like a bonus in a sense that it is not being provided by many other brands. This tool is simply superb to clean cracks and crevices from the surface.
Lightweight- you don’t need to spend your energy in lifting up or rolling this vacuum because it is light in weight. It has low profile design and that’s why it can work on the tough areas like under furniture and on stairs.
XL size dirt cup- you will come to find that the capacity of its dirt cup is XL and it means that you can keep on cleaning the areas without any interruption. In some models, the dirt cup is so small that you need to empty it frequently but in case of this upright vacuum, you don’t have to bear this hassle.
Turbo claw pet tool- it is another important tool that is good for cleaning floors or even the carpets. With this pet tool, you can pick every single dog hair or cat hair from the floor. You can use this tool to remove pet hair from the stairs and also from the furniture.
Odor trapping filter- Off course, the pets may create an odor in your home and this model as odor trapping filter in it. With the help of this odor trapping filter, you can remove odor from your home and can convert an unpleasant environment into the pleasant one.
Premium pet brushroll- you do not get an ordinary brushroll but actually you get premium quality pet brushroll. This is great for proper cleaning of the floor.


The following pros of Dirt Davil razor Bagless vacuum will make your mind to order it:

  • The price of this vacuum cleaner is really reasonable and so you can get it in just a few dollars.
  • You will find that this model has low profile design and swivel steering.
  • A great benefit of this model is that it is simple to use. You don’t need to get any instruction and you don’t need to read the manuals regarding how to use it.
  • It is useful for the powerful suction of dirt and dust.
  • This vacuum cleaner leaves no pet hair on the furniture, stairs, carpets or floors.

It means that this vacuum cleaner is going to make the surface clean without any hassle.


For those who are curious to know about its cons, I would say that no major cons have been noticed. However, there are slight drawbacks or the points that the company can improve in the upcoming models:

  • This upright vacuum may not be suitable for everyone. It is not the latest one and so those people who have already used a vacuum that is more advanced will not prefer this model because it has limited features as compared to those vacuums.
  • The designing of this model is quite simple and the users expect more.
  • Its appearance is not so stylish but appearance doesn’t matter in case of electronics. You should focus on the functioning of this vacuum cleaner and if it is effective enough then why not to prefer it!
  • Some users have complained that this vacuum sometimes leaves some particles that are too small.

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