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Dibea corded stick vacuum cleaner, SC4588

Dibea corded stick vacuum cleaner, SC4588

Dibea corded stick vacuum cleaner, SC4588

Advanced Cyclone HEPA filtration- The filtration system that is present in this vacuum cleaner is Advanced Cyclone HEPA that is really awesome. It is effective enough to spin the dust and dirt away from its motor and that’s why it maintains powerful suction. This HEPA Filter is also good to lock allergens in it.
LED front light- there is an LED front light that is useful to find dirt in darker areas like under the furniture.
Removable dirt cup- the dirt cup is really amazing as it is removable. It is simple to clean because you just remove it, clean it and then insert it back in your vacuum.
Ultra lightweight- You will be happy to know that the weight of Bidea Corded vacuum cleaner is just 4.6 lbs. and so far, it is one if the lightest vacuum cleaners. This feature makes it easy to carry and use.


After going through the features of this model, let’s talk about its pros now:

  • It is a model that comes with the warranty. You can see that there is a warranty for a couple of years and so you can use this cleaner with no fear in your mind.
  • It is the lightest of all the vacuums and it makes this device so popular and unique.
  • This device has been manufactured by Dibea that is trying to compete for big brands like Bissell and shark. That’s why this device is available at a very reasonable price.


As such, there is no serious side effect or drawback of this model but there are some general points that I would definitely like to highlight:

  • The manufacturer of this device is Dibea and most of the people usually prefer Bissell and Shark over it. Anyways, don’t judge the quality by name but judge it by its performance.
  • Some of the users of this model have complained about its less power.

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