Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless vacuum cleaner, 1650A

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless vacuum cleaner, 1650A

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless vacuum cleaner, 1650A
Cyclonic pet hair spooling system- this upright Bagless vacuum cleaner has patented hair-management system that works to pick up the dog as well as human hair from the floor. Further, it spools the hair together thus supporting hands-free empty.

Smart Seal Allergen system- There are many allergens on the surface that you may inhale when you breathe. The best thing about Bissell 1650A vacuum cleaner is that it captures all the allergens together with dust and hence it supports a healthy environment in your home.
Specialized pet tools- You get full set of required accessories along with this vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning. These specialized pet tools assist you in reaching difficult areas where you cannot clean otherwise.
Swivel steering- when you will be using this cleaning machine, you will be happy to observe how smoothly it moves over the surface. Its swivel steering allows it to move on all types of surfaces easily.
Suction channel technology- It is another important feature that you normally find in BISSEL cleaners only. You see the suction on just one side of the brushroll in many other vacuum cleaners but when it comes to this product of BISSEL, it creates a direct suction path thus making edge-to-edge suction powerful and maximizing pickup of dirt, debris or pet hair.
Multi-surface cleaning- Whether you want to clean upholstery, hard surfaces or even carpets, you will find this cleaner very effective as it is good to reach all the areas and it picks up such particles from the surface up to the maximum extent.
Febreze pet odor eliminator- There is also Febreze pet odor eliminator that removes odor from the surface when you use the cleaner and it freshens the environment. After cleaning, you will love to go in the room because of that fresh and fragrant environment.


The following are the general pros of BISSELL 1650A vacuum cleaner:

  • It has tangled-free brush roll and it does not let the hair get tangled.
  • It comes with LED-light crevice tools and because of this light, it can detect invisible hair and particles as well.
  • This cleaner is good to remove allergens and odor from the surface while making the air fresh and clean.
  • The brush of this device is easy to use, easy to move and easy to handle as you can turn it off or on with the press of a switch simply.
  • It is great because it supports thorough cleaning of the floors and carpets.


Curious to know about its cons as well! Here are some minor points:

  • On the main unit, there are no headlights. This feature is available in the vacuums of some other brands.
  • The shorthand of this model is extremely short and it may affect the performance.

Besides these cons, you will not find any other drawback of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless vacuum cleaner, 1650A.

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